Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 47

July 2017| 47 Anterior knee pain Anterior knee pain is pain experienced around the patella kneecap at the front of the knee. This is the most common overuse injury in cycling because of the way in which the quadriceps muscles are connected to the shin bone. Pressure on the pedals causes force to be repeatedly transmitted over the patello-femoral oint, squashing it back against the femur. Another cause of anterior knee pain is patellar tendonitis which occurs when the part of the tendon that attaches the patella to the bone below it becomes in amed. hysiotherapy, anti-in ammatory drugs and ice can help to relieve symptoms, and a knee support can also be used. With patellar compression syndrome, you need to work towards loosening tight lateral thigh muscles, but it is also worth considering a knee support to correct the position of the patella as overuse can cause it to track incorrectly. Anterior knee pain can be caused by poor positioning of the saddle and pedal cleats. A saddle that is too low or too far forward can increase pressure on the muscles and tendons and cause poor tracking of the patella. The pedal cleats being set too far forward will also have a similar effect. A stabilising knee support will often help in rehabilitation following injury to the front of the knee and patellar supports are useful to improve tracking when pain is caused by patellofemoral syndrome or similar problems. Depending on the severity of the injury and the activity to be undertaken, there is a range of knee braces to help with stabilising the knee. Posterior knee pain Posterior knee pain is less common in cyclists than anterior pain. In most cases, it is caused by overextending the knee when using a saddle that is too far back or too high and can be relieved by adjusting your bicycle so that the knee is no longer overextended. If you have persistent posterior knee pain, you should see your doctor so that a Baker s cyst can be eliminated. This is a collection of synovial uids that gather in the space behind the knee that are harmless but uncomfortable. They usually disappear without treatment. Medial/lateral knee pain Pain at the sides of the knee, medial or lateral knee pain, is quite common and is felt in the collateral ligaments. Lateral and medial pain can be caused by problems with your pedal cleats. Lateral knee pain, or pain on the outside of the knee, is usually due to the pedal cleat being too close to the outside of the shoe or being positioned so that the foot is internally rotated. Medial pain, on the inside of the knee, occurs when the p Y[X]\X\H[YHوHH܈][ۙY]H\[]\ˈY\[H][ۂوHY[X]\X[H\\H\YK]Y]۝[Y\[H[[[X][ۈ[HYXYH\[B\\[ۈۙYH\ܝ [[XX[[[YBH[[XX[[\H\وXX\\YB]^[ۈH]YHوHYHB[\[\HۙYK[\XY\[[YY Hۙ][ۈ\ۛۈ\[[XX[[[YH܋[[K[\&\ۙYK[[XX[[[YH[B]\YH\[X]]]\HH\H[Y[\\]ٝ[\[\HX]\HوB\X]Y[[[ZY[[وHۙYK\˜]\\H[[XX[[H[ݙYX\[ܝ\ݙ\H[وH[]\\XݙHHۙYK\[[[[[[X][ۈ[Z[\][H[[[X]ܞHۙ][ۋ[[YYX]HX]Y[[Y\XK\[[KZ[[[X]ܞHYYX][ۋB[[XX[[[[XYHY\ݙ\[YK[[[[\][Hٙ[HY]\[\XYHۙ\\YYX[\؛\]YH]\\ˈX]Y[܂\ۙ][ۈ[\\[\\KXH\\H[[KZ[[[X]ܞHYˈ܈H[۝[YBXH[Xݙ\[HX[]HۙYHXH]\\[ۈ[[YXHZ[[[[[X][ۂ[\ܝHۙYK\HY[Y[]HY[[XYY H[YXB]\\[ۈ\Z[HH][HYY B\\[ۈ[[YXH[[[X][ۈ[B\]H\ܝZH^\[Y[Y[ˈ\H\BX[HY\[\\و[YX\[[\XYX˜ۙ][ۈ[]\Z[HX\[Z]XK܈Y[\]]Hۙ][ۜX\[\]\BY\[[و\ܝX^HH\X]HX[YBHۙ][ۈX[YH\\HۈBYXYYHوHۙYHH\YXYYKX[YXHZ[[[ܙX\H[ؚ[]KHۙ][ۂ][\Y[\]]K\YܙK[]\H\\ۙYB\X[Y[\\H\ٝ[HۛHX]Y[[ۂ]Z[XK^Z[][[ۈ][\H\[[[Kݙ\[[\ܝ[X[[\[B[\X[YX]Y[HX\[HۙYH\ܝ[[[\H][H[XZ[YHHۙYB[\Y\ˈY[H^\Y[H[[\K][H\XYۛ\[HYYX[YXH[؝Z[[B\X]HۙYH\ܝ[YX[Hܝ\Xݙ\B\[