Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 35

July 2017| 35 . COST When people who are new to the idea hear the word electric bike, know from first-hand experience, they will generally jump to the conclusion that they are too costly for them without actually knowing the reality – that e-bikes can be an incredibly cheap method of transport. many other health benefits that this mode of transport could provide. Firstly, yes, they do generally cost over £1,000 and can even be up to , - , for the sporty brand name models, but the average cost is much cheaper than a car. At the lower end of the price bracket, e-bikes are often a similar price to a decent push bike. The initial outlay money spent here will be covered pretty quickly when factoring in the running costs. It costs on average just six pence to recharge the standard electric bike. Although both the car and public transport are more common modes of travel, we all know how taxing these things can be on the bank account. With the likes of MOT, petrol, taxes, insurance, Oyster cards, parking charges, and bus passes all costing huge amounts, all of these money worries could be forgotten in the long term with the acquisition of an e-bike. 3.) CONVENIENCE We ve already mentioned the benefits of this when commuting, but this isn t applicable to the nine-to-five crowd alone. Tube and bus strikes happen all year round, during the week or at the weekends, as is the case with roadworks and traffic ams. With an e-bike there s no wasting your weekend waiting in queues for a bus, sitting in traffic or trying to cram on to an overcrowded metro you ust set off on your own schedule. Although it’s not as intense as the push bike, the electric bike still provides a good level of exercise depending on the power assist settings that you use, and can dial up and down. xercise equals improved health and the e-bike is a great opportunity to make a significant lifestyle change. or those who really feel uncomfortable about the idea of umping into intense daily exercise, the e-bikes are also significantly less intimidating than the standard push- bike, with the motor naturally removing some of the pressures and giving you a hand up steep inclines. Although being around in modern form for almost 30 years in Japan, electric bikes are relatively new to the with the first specialist retailer opening here in . Many people that think cycling isn’t for them can easily be reintroduced to the fun and benefits if they give an electric bike a try. We all know someone that could cycle more. . N ONM NT With the option of cutting corners and sailing through city centres on the weekend, the e-bike is arguably the most efficient way of getting from point A to point B as you are naturally much less at the mercy of the irritations of the road. Not only will getting yourself an e-bike be beneficial to your health, but also to the health of the planet. We all know the effects that both fuel consumption and emissions are having on our home in the likes of sustainability and global warming. Other notable conveniences I should mention include the ability to re-charge the bike s battery at home without trips to the petrol station and the ability to park up quickly and easily – another big plus point in a busy city and a time-saver when getting into work every day. Switching to an electric bike will no doubt help to reduce your individual carbon footprint so you can be a hero just by having fun. . A T Not only could the e-bike be the answer to a reduction in stress levels and a better sleeping routine, but there are . T TY have mentioned a lot about the advantages e-bikes have over fuel-based travel, but they do also have advantages over the standard push bike. Think about cycling uphill for example, or with kids or the weekly shop on the back. lectric bikes give you super- human-like abilities and allow you to do more without wishing you hadn t, making it a fantastic car-alternative in many situations. We’ve even got customers that run their businesses from electric bikes offering everything from gardening services to ice creams. The possibilities are endless!