Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 34

34 | Cycling World Ten Reasons you should consider an E-Bike Written by Eddie Kehoe, The Electric Transport Shop, Let me start by giving you a few interesting statistics. I n , e-bike sales were said to have doubled. n , the rate of the e-bike market in the was estimated to have grown by 20 percent – with a total of between , and , e-bike units being sold last year. It’s not just the UK though. In Europe, more than one million electric bikes were bought in 2016 and it s already clear that is going to smash this figure. think it s pretty obvious then, that e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular. But why is that? comfortable commute. Some systems offer a range above miles and even budget electric bikes offer to 30 miles. What does this mode of transport offer you and what are the benefits over other forms of travel The e-bike commute is particularly useful for those living and working in busy cities. In this article, I’ll suggest a few reasons you should join this mega-trend and buy an electric bike in . ve limited my list to ten, but to be honest, love e-bikes so much I could give you even more! Currently, most people either use public transport or drive their car when commuting – but both of these modes of transport are susceptible to delays, traffic, and general stress. 1.) A T Many people will often leave the house much earlier than they need to, in order to accommodate for these delays or in the hopes of avoiding them altogether. Those who travel by electric bike are rarely subject to the same kind of delays. NAT COMM T N The average e-bike has the ability to reach assisted speeds of around 15mph. The average speed for a commuti ng ourney with an e-bike works out at about . mph for a young healthy male). This means you ll overtake all that gridlocked traffic and still arrive to work feeling fresh, thanks to the helping hand from the e-bike s motor. For anyone who lives within a reasonable distance of their place of work, electric bikes could provide a Apart from being a healthier and less expensive way to travel to work and back, the e-bike could also help you eliminate these lifestyle time pressures and let you enjoy a couple more hours sleep over the course of a week. Sound good so far? I’m pretty sure it does, but you may want to hear a few more of the benefits before umping in and making a purchase – so let’s continue!