Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 23

July 2017| 23 Corratec TB ull Suspension offering top of the range componentry, high-end frame build quality and the latest motor and battery technology, the e-bike is evolving into a must-have item. bikes are now dominant in the UK market, bringing us in line with mainland urope. These bikes are bikes in the true sense of the word, in so much as the rider has to pedal them and they give support to their physical effort. If transport policy, town planning and infrastructure follow the example set in cities such as Copenhagen, Malmo and Ghent, then we could be entering a new golden era of cycling in the , with e-bikes leading the charge (no pun intended). The utch and erman e-bike markets are more advanced than ours, with the value of the utch e-bike market actually exceeding the size of the standard bike market. We are catching up with the European cycling ethos with government initiatives to encourage active living, the creation of more segregated cycle lanes and continued Westminster support for tax-free bicycle schemes. It’s true to say that when people’s lives are so busy and economic conditions are very tough, that the bicycle and e-bike can offer a solution a pressure valve release in both leisure and commute time. Studies show that cycling and power-assisted cycling not only help with fitness levels, but also wellbeing, which in turn helps productivity. This change in legislation means that there is a better quality of product available to the consumer which is giving the rider a better, more enjoyable and safer ride experience. There has