Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 21

How to electrify your bike July 2017| 21 Converting your bicycle into an eBike is easier (and cheaper) than you think! The low-down on electric bike conversions, from the experts How to convert your bike in under 60 minutes Given that the price tag on a good quality eBike is often £2,000 or more, justifying the purchase can often be a bit difficult, especially if you already have a good quality bicycle. That’s why many people are opting for an electric bike conversion kit. For a fraction of the price of a high- end eBike you can buy the equivalent high-end electric components (motor + battery + control system) and fit them to your existing bicycle. If you’re able to change an inner tube, then you’re capable of fitting a hub drive ebike kit. “But isn’t it difficult to do?” I hear you ask. Well no actually, most modern eBike kits are incredibly easy to fit. Fitting the motor takes around 20 minutes, and is no more difficult than changing an inner tube. Just remove the old wheel, replace it with the motor wheel, and swap over the tyre and inner tube. Fitting the battery takes about 10 minutes usually, especially if you use a “downtube” battery that fits easily to the screws normally used for a water bottle mount. inally, you have to fit the controller, display and other accessories. This usually takes around minutes because there are a few different wires and bits and pieces, but it there is nothing difficult to do. Of course, fitting a conversion kit is not everyone’s cup of tea, that’s why the experts at Panda eBikes have excellent video materials showing you exactly what to do for every kit they offer. Panda also offer an affordable conversion service with one of their many local dealers who can do a professional job of fitting the kits for you, more information available on their website! Panda eBikes are the technical experts when it comes to eBikes in the UK. Whether you’re interested in a complete eBike, a conversion kit, or a replacement controller system for an existing eBike, give them a call: 0115 888 2270 Alternatively check out their website: or drop an email to: