Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 16

Tech Latest 16 | Cycling World Cycling World’s Technology Editor and Gadget Guru Martin Bailey features the latest cycling technology 1 Puncture Finder 1 Price: £9.99 Available from: Traditionally, the best way to locate a puncture is a bowl of soapy water and patience, but when a puncture strikes on a trip, it can be a problem. The puncture finder is a simple invention which uses polystyrene balls encased in a clear container with a lattice base. Hold the unit against your in ated inner tube and move it around until the balls start to move with the air ow. A small but useful inclusion in your saddle bag. 2 Hiplok FX Price: £19.99 Available from: For those times when you are travelling light but may still need to secure your bike for a short period, the iplok fits the bill. t s a pocket-si ed retractable combination lock, similar to a roll-up tape measure. The m braided steel cable is pulled out of the main body, around your bike and then locks back into the side of the unit. An integral clip allows you to attach it to a belt or bag and it even includes a re ector to make you that little bit more visible. It’s not designed as a long-term secure lock, but great if you re nipping into a shop for two minutes and want to secure your ride. 2