Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 15

July 2017| 15 Nathan Free Wheeler Fire and Ice Bottle £6.00 icking the right water bottle can mean the difference between drinking luke warm water that has been heated by the sun or ice cold water that has retained its cool temperature. When you’re feeling hot and sweaty, only ice cold water will do. The Nathan ree Wheeler ire and ce Bottle helps to maintain the temperature of the drink for up to percent longer than other bottles thanks to its double- walled construction and re ective outer layer. t is even dishwasher safe, since you will be too tired to wash-up after your day of cycling! Oakley Tinfoil Carbon Sunglasses – Polarized Lens £255 Sunglasses are a cycling must-have anyway, since they help to protect the eyes from any spray or weather that might come at them. But they also play a part in keeping you cool, since they re ect the sun s rays off of your face. T \HZ^H[[\ۈ[\\š]H\^Y[\]\\[H[[\[[Hۂ[\ZK^HZ\\X\XX[H\[H]Z[XH[BR]\[H]۸&]Hۙˈ^HZ\\HX[]XH]]X\[\[X\[[[B^HH[HZ\و]\]HXوB]ۋ]ݚY\[[[YYHHX] ^Z[š\[Y]\ݙ\[\XKXY[X˂]8&\H[\HYXK[ۙH]\[ܚˈY\[^YH][[\[ZH܈Y][[Z[\˜^[Z\