Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 125

July 2017| 125 What Majorca can offer you With its mild climate and its moderately difficult roads, Majorca is made out to be a privileged vacation spot all year around. Cycling is not only good for you but it is good for the environment and offers you a healthier way of en oying travelling. There are a range of routes available on the island and we can help you to map out your cycling adventure. Or why not sign up for one of the enix otel tours with our local guide assistance. The packages include half-board with healthy food served on delicious breakfast and dinner buffets and all the facilities of the new bike centre (washing area and tools). “We are very fond of cyclists, we have a special bike centre to lock up our clients bikes and our staff will help out if they need assistance. We work hard to make them feel relaxed and comfortable like at home,” explain Sara and Elena, the marketing and HR departments “And, of course there is always sangria cocktail at the bar to welcome the new riders!” The weekend plan A rriving to the bright and warm Majorca island after a short ight from the can be a pleasant way of escaping from the daily routine. Mixed difficulty routes are provided by the otel enix s exible program , designed for experienced cyclists as well as for amateurs, so you don’t need to be especially trained! Cycling in Mallorca offers a fantastic mixture of rolling roads and stunning mountain climbs. Just choose the route length you prefer, stop to savour a good coffee while en oying stunning sea views and decide whether to continue cycling or to jump on a shuttle back to the hotel. “We are seriously engaged with cyclists,” says Jaime Ferra, manager of the Fenix Hotel, “We just love seeing them turn up at our place on two wheels, it’s great!”