Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 121

July 2017| 121 James Taylor “The Dutch-esque One” National Cycle Network 1 From Upminster to Rainham, this is the main North-South leisure cycle route in London. From my North-London home in Haringey, I’ve spent countless weekends riding south past the football fields and hipster breweries of Hackney and alongside the Olympic park in the East– or north through the industrial landscape of Edmonton and Ponders end, where the section by the river is a haven for birds and wildlife. My favourite part is near Springfield Marina, a Site of Specific Scientific nterest and Nature reserve, close to the City of London and the West End. The sheer numbers of cyclists and canal boats makes it seem like parts of the Netherlands on a summer’s day. Sustrans is the charity that’s making it easier for people to walk and cycle. For more route information and inspiration visit e to Events m e lco co We n Cycl c e os r pea o P r u o ond F an E Gr 7 201 If there was a gold medal for the best end of seaso ܘ[ۙ[Hш\[HXYH˜X[^H^Y\[Y\Y[\][ L[Y\’H[H]HHYXK\[[وX\ۈYHHX]\\[H][\\H LL[[][\[H N H[X[] BH]\Hو]H\x&\X]\]\K]BYۈۋHH[[\HY]YY][ۜ˜[]H[\][\\HYX[BY\HۙX\ۈ[HYHHX][\[˜[][[H۸&]ܙ] H[^H[H\]B]HH܈H[]Hو[XZ[ \YH]\š\[Y KH[[\\\B[  MNMH L͈܈ NMH L͈8(]\X[XY][XZ[ B\