Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 118

118 | Cycling World Cycle like a Londoner Cycle like a local and find the hidden spots and quiet cycle routes of London. A dmit it, if you were asked to think of the best city in the world for cyclists, you probably wouldn’t think of London. Amsterdam or Copenhagen likely came to your mind first, maybe Seville, but not London. Now, ten years ago you’d be completely right, but things have changed. If you haven’t been to London in a while, the next time you go you’ll probably be taken aback by the volume and diversity of people going about their days on two wheels. This mass uptake of cycling in ondon has only been possible due to the large-scale development of Cycle Superhighways, Quietways and National Cycle Network routes that have popped up in the city. Everyone can appreciate this new infrastructure. Whether you’re commuting, pottering about or being a tourist for a day, alone or with family your favourite route is out there, you ve ust got to find the one that works for you. At Sustrans, we’ve been heavily involved in planning and developing much of the new cycling infrastructure that s helping ondoners get on their bike. Our staff are confident if they say so themselves that they ve got the inside track on some of London’s best routes. We asked some of our ondon staff to tell us about the routes that everyone should try. From the city’s secret streets to historic cityscapes, these are the rides you should take to cycle like a Londoner. Sustrans is the charity that’s making it easier for people to walk and cycle. For more route information and inspiration visit