Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 115

July 2017| 115 such as Priory Street, but the Priory’s site can also be visited. The riory atehouse and gateway have been preserved in the modern buildings seen along the street, and a park occupies the site. Merlin – Carmarthen Amphitheatre 12 th century church intact on the foreshore. Take a short walk east from the church along the beach and you can see remnants of the ruined villages’ houses sticking out of the sand dunes. The oman Amphitheatre in Carmarthen is associated with one of the earliest mentions of Merlin. A young boy called Emrys was playing here when local youths began to bully him. Soldiers intervened and Emrys, who was seen to be a wise child with knowledge beyond his years, was taken to to see Vortigern, the King of Britons at Craig Gwrtheyrn, a large hillfort near Llandysul. You can see the fort from the B4336 on the way from Llandysul to lanfihangel yr Arth. mrys, now renamed Myrddin or Merlin (meaning wise man), advised him that his fort’s walls kept collapsing because two dragons – one white, one red were fighting in a cave underneath it. Merlin released the dragons, ending the subsidence problem. The beasts battl Yۈ[[HYۙH[YH]BۙKY\[&\[Y\[X^HHۙXY]Xܙ[Y[ H[]\[H\YYYHH[][ۋ\™[[\[XH\ZYH[H]H[\]\›[YY\[&\[  ˍZHH\X\[YBܚY\^HHH[\H]HYHXXY[B[H\\]H\[\\ۙYH\œܘ\\ݙ\[]\ۈ8$[Z[H\ܚY\[BX\ۈܛ^HY˂Y\[&\Z”YH[[YHH]]\X\[[ؙ\ NN ۈH^\8&\\K[ZYH][[ܞHY][[ NM\ZYHH\BYH]Y\[\Y][\Xܙ[Y[ H]H[ۈHZΈ8&[Y\[&\YH[[XHۋ[[[\X\[ۋ&HHB]H NM8&\H[Y[YH\Z[[[\\[HX\[ۈ\XYH[[ݙH] YZ[ۙœXX[[ۋ[HYX\]\[HX]\[HYXو\[x&\]\[HZ[[Y[H]\]H][Z[Y\[\B\[Y[X\Y [H[YHYX\وHZ]B[H]\][KX\[K[]\[ X\”]X\K[\X\[\X\[[ܞH8$Xو\X\[HXو\X\[YY\]\˜ݙ\\[Y]Y]HY[ܚ][\[ LLQHH[ۚ[&\[ܞH[\X\[X\HB]HوY\[&\Z[\YHH[ܞH\BY\[[\\H[HXX[š\ܚX[ܚY\[[\[Y[ۙ\X][[[\\KHX[HY\[\“Y\[[Y[ۙH[[\YHX\HXܙوH۝\][ۈ]Y[Y\[[[Y\[HܙX][] [X^H\\[\ܞKB\H[[H][ۘ[X\Hو[\X\\] H[ܞH\[Y[X\Y[Y]\“Y\[&\[\[H]HوHܙX]\ۈYHܝ [Y]Y]HY[\YY\[ ˈ]\\[\\[YH]\[[H\]YHBXXˈ]HوH[ [H[]Z[›Z[Y YH\HYYXظ&\Y\[^ܙHB\]܈[x&\\^\ۈ[Y[[\ܞH]Y\[&\[\KUSS”Y[\Z[[XKX][\X\[B[[H[\X\[][ۋX\HH]XBۈZ[܈XX\\[Z]Y ΋˘\]]Z[[\˘˝ZؚXX\