Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 111

July 2017| 111 Carmarthenshire Legends Cycle Trail Written by Huw Parsons, Discover Carmarthenshire OVERVIEW hostly maids and monks, a famous yer and the world’s most famous wizard all feature on a riveting ride around Carmarthenshire. Starting in the village of Bynea, near lanelli, and ending in Trelech, this leg of the egends Cycle Trail encompasses the Millennium Coastal Park, Pembrey Country Park, Kidwelly, Ferryside and Carmarthen. DISTANCE 72.4km (with the Merlin’s Hill Centre detour – add 5.7km) HIGHLIGHTS Millennium Coastal Park, Burry Port Harbour, Kidwelly Castle, St Ishmael, Carmarthen Castle, Merlin’s Oak, Carmarthen’s Roman Amphitheatre, Carmarthen Priory. THE ROUTE F ollowing National Cycle Network (NCN) Route 4, head out west from Bynea Car Park, cycle 4.8km along the fairly at off-road Millennium Coastal Park (MCP) to the National Wetlands Centre Wales. Head towards the Discovery Centre 4.5km away, cycling around Machynys eninsula, passing the ack Nicklaus- designed Machynys Peninsula Golf Club, which is built on the site of a medieval monastery – ghostly monks are said to roam the area, day and night! From the Discovery Centre, cycle 6.9km to legendary site, Burry Port Harbour. Stop to admire the Amelia Earhart monument on the east harbour side. Continue along NCN Route 4 around the west harbour (you’ll see the Parsons Pickle factory; head towards this, the cycle path is just to the side) towards Pembrey Country Park. Admire the golden sands of Wales’ second longest beach, Cefn Sidan. The Country ark s leisure facilities include a dry ski slope, toboggan ride, equestrian centre and nature trails. Leave the Country Park from the main entrance and head towards the A484 along Factory Road. At the A484 turn right, then shortly right again at the fence (on the right, approximately 30m) to rejoin NCN Route 4 to Kidwelly (look out for the blue NCN signs). It is approximately 8.3km to Kidwelly from here. NCN Route 4 will eventually bring you back to the A484 (cross the road and rejoin the cycle path, BEWARE of traffic , continue north to the roundabout, turning left into Pembrey Road and continue towards Kidwelly. In Bridge Street, cross the bridge over the River Gwendraeth. If you turn right, it will take you to the legendary Kidwelly Castle, otherwise continue left to your next legends site, St Ishmael. Continue along the unnamed road for 4.8km to St.Ishmael (there are a few hills on this section). After about 1.7km, you’ll come to a junction with a sharp left turn – follow left towards Ferryside. Go through the town and follow the sign for Carmarthenshire at the first crossroads after Ferryside. After about 2.2km, turn left (following the NCN blue cycle signs) and keep on this road heading towards the A484. ollow the A for about km, taking a left turn off the road in the direction of Croesyceiliog (follow the road sign). Continue through Croesyceiliog until you reach a roundabout, then turn left (back onto the A484). Follow the blue cycle signs, taking you into Carmarthen. Cross the A at the first pedestrian crossing. eading towards the town, carry on to the subway and take the first left after this. ollow ensarn oad and turn left ust