Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 11

July 2017| 11 Tracy Parker, Heart Health Dietician at the British Heart Foundation gives her top tips for new cyclists: 1 Listen to your body and find a balance between training, rest, work and play. If you’re feeling tired try cross training, pilates or a yoga session once or twice a week. 2 If you have any concerns about whether you are safe to cycle, make an appointment to discuss this with your doctor. 3 Adjust your training to match your experience level. If you push yourself too hard too soon you’ll burn out and you risk feeling deflated and wanting to give up. 4 Keep hydrated. When training for over an hour, carry fluid with you and drink while you go. Drink before you feel thirsty – little and often is best. 5 If you’re an off-road cyclist, make sure you know and follow the Countryside Code. Amongst other things it will help you to stay safe. 6 Always look out for hidden bends and potholes. Do not speed, especially down steep hills. The route could be busy and you risk hitting someone or something. 7 When taking part in an organised event, listen and follow instructions from marshals, police and event staff. If your bike breaks down get off the road quickly. 8 Stay safe when group cycling on the roads by using the five hand signals from British Cycling and wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear. 9 Learn how to mend a puncture before you set off.