Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 108

108 | Cycling World Cycling in the area We are a family run hotel located off of the A32; close to Fareham, Gosport and the ferry to Portsmouth. Our accommodation consists of twelve bedrooms, singles, doubles and family rooms. Our bar and dining area are open seven days a week to hotel guests and non-residents. The bar is open all day and offers a good selection of lagers, ales and alcohol beverages along with freshly ground coffee and soft drinks. Home cooked food is served daily. The Manor Room serves breakfast daily and can also be hired out throughout the day for meetings, luncheons or private dinner parties. A flat terrain and a good network of cycle tracks and lanes makes it easy to cycle in Gosport. There are interesting places to visit including 6 miles of accessible coastline stretching from Gosport Town Centre to Lee on the Solent, where you can relax and enjoy the best views of Portsmouth Harbour, the Solent and the Isle of Wight. The ferry from Portsmouth carries bicycles and leads ZYBۈ[H[Z[[܈ݙ\ܘYH\HوY ]YY[[^X][H\ QP H\ MZ[\]^H\HL[[\\Hۜ\وYH[H^K[X\Yٙ\Y[[Z[ZHZ[[Y[[Hو]\[Z[^ܙH[H\XKYHXHX\HHYو^H]ܚ[YHXXY˂܈ZHHYH\ܝۈ[[ZH[HXX[\Y]XܛH[ ܈XY\H]ۜ“][ۘ[\[\\ݙ\[ K pوX] BZ[Y]Y[[\[]Z[\[X[H[\[\KX][H\\܈[Z[[\[ۈ]H[YB[[ \ۙH\]H\[]\HۛH[܂[Y[YH[H]و[[]\[KY[X\Kܝ L B L̎H ̈M N[Y[X\[X[܋˝Z[\\X{ \\B'YX[H]Y^ܙH{ &\\]YH\8'B\^\HY\[Y[‰\][[[ܚYHX\ MHZ[]\H\][YH[\Bٙ\Hوܝ[]Y\܈[[X[˜[\X]]Y\$[[H[\]YH][وBR&\\\[\K\\KXZ[[[Z[Z[Z[ٙ\ݙ\Hو[]XZ[]][H\ܙY]X\BH][YH\]܈[KXY]^][™X]\\\H[Z[KYY[HX[]Y\ٙ\YH[Y YܘYYZ[[ [\X[XۚX˜\XH]]X]\[\˂YZ\[ۈHUZ[[\]܈[H\B\][HYHYH[XZHH^Hو]B[]8&\\KXZ[Y [[ ^][[K{ T M RB[  M̎ M ˛[]˘H[[]˘B][Y[]X\[]\K݋Z˙X\[]\K݋Z][YK\\Z]