Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 107

July 2017| 107 ROUTE 2 Bruichladdich – Kilchoman – Saligo Aoradh – Uiskentuie – Bruichladdich This time, we re cycling north ish to oreland oad nd which is, bi arrely, signposted for Sanaigmore. The first part is pretty much all uphill, so gird your loins and dig deep – this is what those big sprockets on the back wheel are for. This uphill road takes you past oreland state ouse on the right-hand side, before the road levels out on the approach to Sunderland Farm, and Loch Gorm looms into view. This is a particularly dramatic, but exposed vista – without the curvature of the earth, and with particularly keen eyesight, you’d be able to see the east coast of Canada. If the wind is blowing, you’ll know all about it. A few hundred pedal strokes further on, sitting comfortably back from the road, is Rockside Farm and Kilchoman Distillery. Ahead are the formidable waves at Machir Bay and, if you wish, you can sidle on down for a look-see. p on the left is the derelict Kilchoman church and further towards the beach is a military cemetery for allies lost in tragedies off slay during the wars. If Machir is not your intended destination, follow the road to your right towards Coull Farm and Saligo Bay, where you are also likely to witness the power of the Atlantic breakers. In the distance is the oddly shaped escarpment of Dun Bheolain (it looks like Sydney Opera House) – not somewhere you could cycle to. Birdlife is frequently numerous around here, hence a proportion of the land adjacent being overseen by the RSPB. Riding past Ballinaby Farm on the left, keep an eye open for agricultural traffic and errant sheep this is a pleasant area to cycle and you wouldn’t want any inadvertent mishaps. The road is all singletrack and little used, to which the tell-tale grass growing in the middle will bear witness. As it veers round to the right and up towards Carnduncan, it is also possible to take a detour left, to the sandy bays and Outback Art Gallery at Sanaigmore. If you’ve all day to spend and fancy an idyllic spot for a picnic lunch, this might not be a bad idea. Past Carnduncan, there is the option of carrying straight on to join up with the Foreland Road you started on, or turning sharp left up a bumpy road eventually leading past the S B eserve at Aoradh arm. The road descends quite steeply towards the latter and there is a hidden entrance to the farm on the right. While I would normally advise you to take in the wonderful views across Gruinart Flats, it might be a more prudent option to watch where you’re heading at this point. Again, watch out for agricultural and tourist traffic. There is also the possibility, especially through the summer months, of meeting horse-riders on the road. lease adopt a softly, softly approach in either direction: make sure the riders know you are there and pass when safe to do so, leaving plenty of clearance. Do not race past – you may live to regret it. The road across ruinart lats will often surprise with deer sightings and an array of birdlife, before rounding off to the right and towards iskentuie arm. At the junction, head right down Uiskentuie Strand, (turning left will take you, eventually, to Bridgend) a long, at piece of road that will take you back to Bruichladdich and that cappuccino or espresso you’ve been so looking forward to.