Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 103

July 2017| 103 T his luxurious self catering cottage is in an idyllic location, situated only a few metres from the seashore on Broadford Bay, which is one of Scotland s finest, most unspoilt nature havens. At low water the tide falls back some 100 metres and, as the sea rises to stop at the bottom of the garden, an abundance of birds feed at the water s edge. The occasional otter which crosses the shore can be viewed at close quarters from the comfort of the lounge, using the giant binoculars. there is a top of the range hot tub being installed in June. It is perfectly positioned to catch the sunset while enjoying a drink. The cottage has free Wifi throughout and is run by Donald Macphie (with some help from his mum!) a native of the Isle of Skye. It was run as a highly successful Scottish Tourist Board star self catering facility by his mum up until 2008 when she retired. It has recently been further upgraded and Donald is continuing the family tradition of crofting plus a trade in the building industry. His forefathers were stonemasons who were brought to the Island by Macleod Estates to work on Dunvegan Castle and other estate properties. Crofting (small scale farming unique to the Scottish Highlands and Islands) does not and did not provide sufficient income on its own and has always had to be supplemented by other activities. Donald enjoys the outdoor life and is actively involved in various extreme sports. Biking is and always has been his main passion – mountain climbing is next on the list! As a youngster he and his cousin (the world famous Danny MacAskill BBC The idge spent many happy hours honing their skills around the Island. Bedroom (Upstairs) Wow! When a King Size bed is not enough try this wonderfully comfortable huge 7′ x 7′ Emperor bed with sumptuous Egyptian cotton linen. Wake up to a magnificent view over Broadford Bay. ully equipped with a Wall mounted T with full Sky Package and a Spotify music link plus a jack plug for your own equipment (also plays in the ensuite bathroom). Ensuite bathroom oll top is ers baths and is ers washbasins, large walk in power shower, variable mood lighting with music link from the bedroom, bathrobes and uffy towels with hand crafted sle of Skye Soaps. Lounge The comfortable lounge offers many features including an open fire as, living ame , Bang Olufsen T and speakers with stereo and full Sky package, Unlimited Spotify Music link, Piano, Easily controlled mood lighting, iant binoculars and a Tide clock. Kitchen An extensively equipped kitchen which includes a generous hospitality pack filled with a variety of local produce, a few local beers and a wee bottle of Taliker Whisky (and of course some Drambuie). Utility/Drying Room Fully equipped with Washing Machine, Tumble rier and a ulley. Reading Room Books and maps and an Exercise Bike. Downstairs Toilet Complete with a copy of the local paper, The West Garden Shed ighland ree ress Tandem bicycle, Bicycle helmets, Wellies and backpacks, BB charcoal, Two luxurious sun lounger chairs, with plenty of room to store bikes. The cottage is ideally placed in the village of Broadford as it is within easy walking distance of local pubs, eating places, shops and restaurants, while it is set in its own private garden grounds. It has ample parking and a private pathway to the seashore, which is just 15 metres from the property. It enjoys superb open views over Broadford Bay to the magical Island of Pabay, with the heights of Applecross in the background and the Islands of Scalpay, Longay, Crowlins and Guillamon scattered across the waters leading to the mystical Islands of Raasay and Rona, which can be seen to the north. Boating activities at Broadford Pier can be viewed across the Bay, as can magnificent sunsets. Eating Places Whether you decide to eat in, or you choose to eat out, there is plenty of choice nearby. Broadford has a supermarket and a range of small shops, and you will find a list of convenient eating places in the cottage handbook – these range from a Michelin Star restaurant within miles to a take-away fish and chip shop, plus local restaurants and pubs (within 1 mile). Broadford in aelic An t-Ath eathann pronounced n T XH^][YX[HYܙ\ܛY\BH]HX\]\[[H N][\H[[ N LX\[ܙZ[HYYH[YK[ܙ]\YH[H\[وH[\H]H][Y[و\[ۚX]\[ˈ]\HXۙ\\[YHۈYH[H\X\HHX^ܙHH\[[X\XZ[[\]\YX[BXY]Y[HXX[\YZ[[[BXZ[[ܜYۈ[[Z[˂\HHHوYH\YHوH\\Y\š[]\KYHHHY][ۈXYۜ[]Y\\[HXY\\[HX][š[[Z\XX[\X]]K\H[H\ݙ\HHZ][Y\\وHZXY\܈ܚ[۸&\›ZYH[[ݙ[X\HXYX[Y][܈\›وH\ZY܈HܘXY[ۜ[][ۈوY۝\H[[]Y\ [H[\]YH][ۜY]H\[]HY[Xۚ\Y\Z[\X܂Y][\YK[[HX\]\Bܛ[܈Y[Z\[[Z\H[[ܙ]XB^\Y[HۈHX\Y ۙHو\H][ۜ\\[Z[\HHYK