Cycling World Magazine July 2017 - Page 101

July 2017| 101 Onwards to Weybourne Station, gem of the North Norfolk heritage railway and a great spot for the railway buff and photographer (some capacity to carry cycles). Weybourne village offers accommodation, and a pub, caf and shop but take care around this busy coast road. All Saints’ Church was built on the site of an Augustian Priory in the 15 th century. It’s a short ride down to the shingle beach with lovely coastline views. There s a challenging hill out of Weybourne to elling Heath before joining the Norfolk Coast Cycleway across Salthouse eath towards Wiveton. Take the lane for Glandford and, using the footbridge alongside Glandford ford, it’s worth making time to explore St Martins Church and the adjoining Shell Museum, both real jewels: listen out for the three-hourly hymn tune played by the clarion of 12 bells. Nearby, Glandford Barns host Birdscapes Gallery, Art Café and Cley Spy optics, among others. Natural Surroundings offers wildlife-friendly gardens and grounds, as well as a cafe, shop and plant sales. In Letheringsett, take care crossing the A148 main road. The working water mill is sometimes open to watch our being produced and to buy. Cross the ford over the River Glaven, a rare and beautiful chalk river, currently being restored, and following the river valley you will pass a remnant of the former M N railway line on the way to Hunworth. ere, St aurence Church contains a large oor memorial to a ay-mafter of his Ma esty s xchequer Bills dmund Briffe who died in . The unny Bell pub is by the olt to Briston road. Mount arm is where the int and carstone octagonal tower is all that remains of the original St Peter and St Paul Church, the replacement being a little further on – hunt out the window with bicycling rector! n dgefield \Y[HܛH“ܝXY[[\XYY [Z[\ [\XY\H]Y[\[ [۝[Z[\XۜܜKHHYۈ܂XۜܜH\HHYK\]X\\Z[H]\YBHXXY[[XZ[وHۘHܝYYYX[܈\BYH[JKXۈH]H[X\\\\Bܝ\[HٙYܙH\[HY[[\و]\و\[[Hܝ\[H\]HB[Z[HX]^KHܙ\X]^H\][Y[ NNN\[\[][ۘ[]H B[&\[YۊHX[Y]Y[ۘ[]H []ZY]Y[[\YHܙ[\YHۈܛY\[][X[HܙX]X\[] \]˛ܙ\[ۘܙ˝ZX[]Y[[][[ܙKX\YHHܙ\\\\ H[]HX\ZYH[\ L&^ܙ\&H[[ۘ[[[\]]H]\X\Y[\ܚXY Y\\B]Z[XHXY0  [YY H8$]Z[]ܙ\[ۘܙ˝Z