CWK eMAG ISSUE 06 Adventure Awaits Issue #6 - Page 13

S D I K H T I W TRAVELLING Avoidin g tra ve l sickn ess! Chances are if you have a passenger who’s prone to travel sickness you need some tried and true methods to help combat the motion sickness curse before you are calling in hazmat to deal with the clean up! We’ve done some research on methods to avoid travel sickness, as well as spoken to our community for their feedback and advice. 1 2 3 NIGHT, NIGHT - SLEEP TIGHT Driving through the night is a great strategy to avoid motion sickness. FRESHEN UP! Stale air compounds the problem, so let as much fresh air in as you can. GET THE PROFESSIONALS IN Ask your doctor or pharmacist to help. 4 5 6 CALM THE SENSES Ditch the gadgets, books, and activities. Look up and out (the window). A BALANCED DIET Pre-plan your onroad snacks, avoiding savoury or heavy meals. STOP!! If you hear a voice from the back seat saying ‘Stop, I feel sick’, stop as soon as you can. For the full story, including tips from our community of travellers, CLICK HERE >>>