CWK eMAG ISSUE 01 Issue #1 - Page 9

CHECK ‘EM OUT the pic to visit website GoRV Run by Australia’s most experienced RV content producers and media specialists, GoRV is filled with loads of great articles and helpful tip, especially in the technical areas of caravans. They also have a wonderful digital magazine and giveaways. MACCA Possibly one of the funniest guys we have ever met! Yes, some of his memes on his Facebook page can be a little bit naughty and risque, but most will give you belly laughs. He’s a quintessential aussie character that makes the challenges of the RV lifestyle simple and easy to understand. MY LOKIT Personalised jewellery like no other. My Lokit is a boutique jewellery brand designed to showcase a memory, feeling, trend or milestone in your life. With over 300 elements to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Shop online 24/7 and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders. DESTINATION HAPPINESS A few words from our dear friend, Angie. “I learnt that happiness was something you could practice and get better at. Destination Happiness is here to serve as a resource for finding tips and tools for uplifting your life...from the inside out.” GOOD RIDDANCE We searched for years for a mozzie repellent that is natural and actually works. We then found Jeannie and Vicki at one the caravan shows we attended and their story was inspiring. We grabbed some products and the rest is history. Our family LOVES them, they work, and we now also stock them! OPTITEC We have a big caravan that was nearly impossible to store in our shed. How did we get around this parking problem? We invested in an Optitec wireless jockey wheel - lightweight, compact and does the job with ease. We cannot fault this product. Another aussie invention we LOVE! CLEARVIEW MIRRORS We have come across many on the road who have said ‘love your mirrors, but are they expensive?’. All we can say is that in our opinion they are worth every cent. No blind spots, no damage to the door, no need to fit on and off, great visual line, and they look stylish and fabulous. page 09 IGA AUSTRALIA As we travel and explore our wonderful country, we try and support the independent supermarkets that fly the IGA banner. Family run businesses that give so much to the community and provide everything our family needs. From the city to the outback, they have us covered.