CWK eMAG ISSUE 01 Issue #1 - Page 4

ADELE’S TOP REVERSING TIPS ...for newbies! When I took over the wheel and starting towing our 24ft caravan, the thought of reversing made me want to do a little vomit. Here are my top tips for reversing a caravan..when you’re a newbie! 1 2 3 WHAT IS YOUR LEARNING STYLE This might seem like an odd question, but once you figure out your learning style it will make a world of difference. For example, do you like to see then do? Research, read and do? Or do you prefer to be told, watch, then practice? PRACTICE AND TAKE YOUR TIME At every opportunity that you get, practice... over and over again. The more confident and comfortable you get, the easier it will be. DISAPPEARING ACT Turn your wheel towards the mirror that you want the caravan to disappear from! CHECK OUT OUR FULL ARTICLE ON TOWING TIPS FOR NEWBIES HERE page 04