CWK eMAG ISSUE 01 Issue #1 - Page 14

The first sentence you heard must be your first line and the other sentence you wrote down, must be your last line. You must use the names you recorded as your character names and the items and the food/drink must also be incorporated into your story. When you have finished writing, don’t forget to proofread your work and then share your story with your family. 9 WRITING Choose a place you love. It might be in your tent or van, on top of a boulder, under a tree or in the middle of a giant expanse of nothing. Wherever you choose, just sit, be still for a while and think about where you are and how it makes you feel. When you are ready, fill in the gaps in the following sentences: Here, in this place, I feel ..... If this place had a sound, it would be..... If this place had a name, it would be..... If this place were an animal, it would be ..... When I am here, I feel I could ..... If a story were told about this place, it would be (happy, sad, scary etc.)..... When you have finished your writing, move away from where you have been sitting and look back at it. Now draw what you see. 10 OBSERVATION AND MEMORY Collect 10-20 different items from your environment. You might collect a rock, a feather, a saucepan etc. When you have your items, place them on the ground or on a table in front of you. Spend some time simply looking at and studying the items. Now close your eyes and have someone remove 3 items. Open your eyes. Can you work out what’s missing? This activity can be repeated several times and can also be adapted as a spelling/writing task: Have the adult collect the items, the child/ren study them for 1 minute. Then throw a blanket over the collection and the children have to use their best spelling and handwriting attempts to write down the items they remember. These activities are just a taste of some of the fun to be had whilst learning on the road. The opportunities really are endless and the learning potential is extraordinary! Visit our website for the full range Make learning fun! Teacher-designed activities Fun & engaging Perfect for travelling Delivered all over Australia Our Brilliant Boxes each contain 14 separate activities to support the Australian curriculum. Download the curriculum outcomes from our website, for each Brilliant Box. Order as one-off boxes or as an annual subscription. We also have a Holiday Bumper Pack, with 10 games and activities - perfect for travelling families! page 14