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F O S E X O B E C N A I L L I BR Written by Erin Gray TIVE THE SUNSHINE COLLEC When I was 6 years old, my family bought a Jayco Dove and spent 4 months travelling around Australia. It was the most incredible trip and something I have every intention of recreating with my own family. We bought our Jayco Swan late last year and are taking lots of little ‘practice trips’ whilst we plan the big one! My parents were both primary school teachers; my Dad was actually the principal of my primary school, so keeping up with work while we were away, was pretty easy. Each day, we would sit down for one hour of ‘school’. My Mum would teach me and my Dad would teach my older brother. Our teachers back at school, would sometimes even send workbooks to upcoming destinations, so they would be waiting for us on arrival. Aside from the formal school hour each day, there was plenty of learning to be done! History, geography and science literally surrounded us everywhere we went and opportunities for English and maths activities were endless. Children adore activities that relate to real-life. They love to see purpose in what they are learning and genuine engagement is achieved when they can ‘do’ as opposed to simply being told. As an adult, I am a teacher as well as one half of The Sunshine Collective – a business that creates fun, engaging, real-world educational activities for primary and pre-school children. I think my early days in the Jayco may have inspired my career! At The Sunshine Collective we create and sell Brilliant Boxes – home (or caravan) delivered boxes packed full of activities designed in line with the Australian Curriculum. We pride ourselves on making learning fun and our goal is help all children to be brilliant! When I go caravanning with my own children, our Brilliant Boxes keep us on track and keep the kids busy and entertained when Mum and Dad just need that quiet wine (in the good plastic!). We even create Custom Brilliant Boxes for families, providing additional activities to directly suit their location or their individual needs. We thought it might be fun to provide you with some of our most popular road-schooling activities. Some of these are adapted from our regular Brilliant Boxes and others have been created for Custom Boxes. As with all our activities, these relate directly to the Australian National Curriculum and all curriculum links can be viewed on our website: If you like the sound of these activities, keep us in mind for your next trip, or just to support your child’s learning. From home, or on the road, Brilliant Boxes have you covered! CHECK OUT MORE ARTICLES IN THE ROAD SCHOOLING SECTION OF THE CARAVANNING WITH KIDS WEBSITE TOP 10 ROAD SCHOOLING ACTIVITIES NEXT PAGE page 12