CVP Career Academy: 2014 - 2016 Final Summary - Page 9

Intern Selection & Assignment

Identifying the right candidates

The 2016 student selection process was guided by the success from the previous years. The 2016 program attracted a significant increase in applications and subsequent interviews. Just as in the previous two years, each applicant was required to submit a written application, resume and cover letter, and were strongly encouraged to provide a recommendation from a faculty member. Applicants also needed to maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average. In addition to these requirements, we sought diverse candidates that lived in close proximity to South Boston and Dorchester. More than 50 students applied to the CVP Career Academy each year and all of the resumes and applications were reviewed by KAGE, and select applicants were chosen for an interview.

The interviews were coordinated through UMass Boston’s on-campus interview program and conducted by Senam Kumahia of KAGE and Yvette Tetreault of CV Properties. During each 20-minute interview, students articulated why they were interested in the program, their qualifications, and what they hoped to gain. Those students who distinguished themselves from their peers were offered placement in the Academy.

Each year of the program has achieved a diverse mix of highly talented local and international students .


2016 intern Emmanuel Apansile with his coworkers at GS Associates