CVP Career Academy: 2014 - 2016 Final Summary - Page 3



The CVP Career Academy began as an

idea that Dick Galvin had five years ago.

As President and Founder of CV Properties LLC (CV), a real estate development firm, he recognized the need to increase the number of young people of diverse backgrounds in the Greater Boston’s commercial real estate industry. He engaged Milton Benjamin, Founder and CEO of KAGE Growth Strategies (KAGE), a diversity solutions consulting firm, and they formulated a plan to create CVP Career Academy (the Academy), a first-of-its-kind summer internship program.

The University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass) was selected and continues to be the academic partner because of the strength of its academic programs, the diversity of its student body, and the desire to provide opportunities for local (and international) students. Galvin recruited a range of distinguished commercial real estate organizations to participate in

the program that is underwritten by

CV Properties.

The inaugural year of the internship program, 2014, was very successful

for the interns, the employers as well

as the Boston business and civic community. Though it was the first

time this program was implemented, the experience and feedback was extremely positive. Over the course of the last three years program has continud to grow with 2016 being the largest cohort of both students and employers.




Dick Galvin welcomes students at the 2015 CVP Career Academy orientation.

Dick Galvin interacts with 2016 intern Osman Cortave.