CVP Career Academy: 2014 - 2016 Final Summary - Page 19

Job Offers:

2014: Kathryn Kaiser (CBRE & Starwood)

2015: Anastasia Chernozubova (Desman), Melanie Loria (Sasaki), Christine Newcomb

(MCCA), Mariah Silva (Starwood)

2016: Celine Fong (The Dolben Company), Christopher Noris (Lee Kennedy Co)

By building upon the success of the previous two years, the third session of the CVP Career Academy internship program was an overwhelming success. During the showcase and in subsequent conversations, many employers expressed how pleased they were with the quality of the students and the program. Many of the students reported that the experience was eye-opening and they are now strongly considering careers in commercial real estate. Several commented “I had no idea there were so many opportunities in real estate, thank you for showing them to us.” We look forward to monitoring the progress of the interns and helping them along the way as they continue onto the next phases of their academic and professional careers.

Through a concerted effort and focus on providing a meaningful experience for all involved, the students gained invaluable life and work experience that will further their success beyond the classroom. Together, we will continue to create additional positive results for both students and employers in future sessions of the CVP Career Academy.

The 2016 CVP Career Academy interns and representatives from UMass at the Closing Ceremony