CVP Career Academy: 2014 - 2016 Final Summary - Page 18

Final Ceremony Celebration

Program Showcase

A closing ceremony is held at the end of each session of the CVP Career Academy. The ceremony is attended by all of the students, several employers, representatives from UMass, skills workshop instructors and at times political figures. The closing ceremony is hosted by Dick Galvin of CV Properties. In 2014 and 2015, it was emceed by Matthew Power-Koch from UMass and in the third year it was emceed by a CVP Career Academy intern.

3-4 students are selected to make presentations to the group about

their summer experience and the exposure, interactions and learning they gained

from the CVP Career Academy

Two employer supervisors also give presentations and share their perspective on

what they believe the students learned as well as how the students contributed to

their companies.

• UMass representatives (Vice Provost Joan Becker, Special Assistant to the

Chancellor Steve Neville, and Director of Government Affairs Ed Lambert) offer

words of thanks to CV Properties for creating the internship program

Students are encouraged encourage build upon the valuable internship

experience in the next phase of their academic or professional careers.

• Each student receives a Certificate of Achievement to acknowledge their

successful completion of the CVP Career Academy

Each year, the students express their gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the program and some even ask "Can I apply again next year?" The employers appreciate the access to a new pipeline of students who may potentially become employees. A number of employers have been extremely pleased with the performance of their interns and offered internship extensions, part time jobs or full time positions. Over the last three years,

Extended Internships:

2014: Maria Fedonseekova (JLL), Brithney Joseph (BEST Corp.)

2015: Fargol Baragatooshi (Skanska), Anastasia Chernozubova (CV Properties), Celine Fong

(JLL), James Green (Newmark Grubb Frank Knight), Abel Hailu (CV Properties)

2016: Raven Kelsey (Suffolk Construction), Nilantay Morshed (MCCA), Meghana Vallurupalli

(CV Properties)