CVP Career Academy: 2014 - 2016 Final Summary - Page 10

Matching Skills and Experience to Employers

During the application process, students were asked to identify their top three preferences for firms where they would like to be placed. As candidates were selected and the interview process moved forward, they were asked why they had chosen those organizations. Some students may not have had direct academic experience related to the commercial real estate industry but all articulated that they had a strong interest in real estate development and wanted exposure to the industry. As long as students exhibited a strong ability to succeed, through their coursework, work experience or skills, we were able to match them with their employer of choice and be confident they would perform well.


Sandra King leads a discussion during orientation.

Robert Amicangelo, supervisor at VPNE Parking Solutions meets his intern Trizia Mae Mallari at the 2016 orientation.

Raven Kelsey and Devon Austrie during an event.