Cutting Edge Issue 2 - Page 81

REVIEWS Cinema releases 47 Ronin Keanu Reeves as a samurai! Come on, they can’t be serious. This is a fantasy film, with links to the original story, so beware, it may not come up to your expectations – though it might boost dojo numbers for atleast 2 sessions!! Rating The outcast Kai (Reeves) joins a group of Ronin, led by Kuranosuke Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada – Ujio in Last Samurai), who seeks vengeance on Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano) for killing their master and banishing the group. The Ronin embark on a journey whose challenges would defeat most warriors. DVD 13 Assassins If you like violent, disturbing films with a strong moral undertone, then this film fits the bill. Wonderful cinematography, great story line and acting, and full of jidai-geki samurai – what more do you need in a film? Rating One for a Saturday night in – but perhaps not for young children. Hara Kiri – Death of a samurai From the same director as 13 Assassins, this film starts out quite slow, and never really gets quicker until the end. Watch out for the bamboo sword seppuku part, which could set your teeth on edge – I wont say any more than that! Rating CUTTING EDGE | 79