Cutting Edge Issue 2 - Page 8

Nine Circles are proud to present our new range of lightweight Iaito from the famous Japanese sword manufacturer Minosaka. We are offering two models of Iaito (blunt alloy training weapons). The Tokusei retailing at £219.17 + VAT The Higo Koshirae retailing at £298.33 + VAT, which also features a Wakizashi version for those looking for a matching Daisho set. Available in lengths from 2.20-2.60 Shaku, both models feature a lightweight zinc/ aluminium alloy blade, with a chromed finish and etched Hamon in the style typical to Iaito manufactured in Japan. The Tokusei model features plain, good quality fittings in accordance with its budget price, whilst the Higo model comes complete with upgraded Tsuba and hilt fittings, which offset the sword beautifully. 6 | CUTTING EDGE If you are in the market for a new Iaito and are particularly looking for a lightweight or budget piece to start you on your Iaido path, then look no further than these great value models. Like all of our swords, these Iaito are subject to our usual one year warranty and a lifetime of support for service and advice where requested.