Cutting Edge Issue 2 - Page 79

SEMINAR AND EVENT REVIEW In summary, the Edinburgh Genbukan dojo members extended a welcoming hand and looked after all who attended, demonstrating that Scottish hospitality for which their dojo has become very well known for. The environment created by the teachers, the teaching and sharing of information, and the knowledge and practice was some of the best seen and will certainly have many of us visiting each year this event runs. Message to Doug Evans Sensei To coin a phrase from both Ishido Sensei and Oshita Sensei “Iaido is a family and it is a family we must all look after and help”. The Edinburgh Genbukan seminar certainly meets this standard and in some respects moves it to a much higher level. A superb weekend with like-minded people, where I came away feeling humbled for my errors but invigorated to try harder and strive to improve, both in my teaching techniques as a dojo leader and in my personal Iai going forward. Doug Evans Sensei, Minato Dojo, who sadly could not join us due to illness. CUTTING EDGE | 77