Cutting Edge Issue 2 - Page 35

JOCK HOPSON SENSEI 1988 1994 2012 was suggested to him before the embu that he should do standing forms to Ishido Sensei’s sitting embu, he replied that since everyone had made an effort to be there and participate, it was only right that he matched their effort with his own. Accordingly he did all his forms in the extremely difficult tatehiza sitting position, despite the obvious pain that it caused him. It made a real impression on me as to the great strength and nobility of his character. At the end of the event he made a wonderful speech in which he told us that as a young man he had thought that true budo sprit could only be understood by Japanese. Over the years he saw the understanding gradually weaken and start to slip away amongst the younger Japanese generations. It took a visit to the European Championships to see that budo sprit was kept alive and well in Europe, and that he was profoundly grateful. What a compliment! Unfortunately, the official translator was, by this time, so tired and exhausted, that the poor guy simply translated Namitome Sensei’s speech as “Sensei had a great time, you all did very well, thank you all very much“ such a shame. . . . 50 years and counting CUTTING EDGE | 33