Cutting Edge Issue 2 - Page 3

A PUBLICATION FOR ALL THINGS RELATED TO IAIDO, IAIJUTSU AND KENJUTSU ISSUE TWO – SEPTEMBER 2013 Editor: Stephen Nixey Diary dates Editor & Creative Director: Fraser Biscomb News, events and updates. This issue contributors: Raul Acevedo, Steve Coniaris, John Maki Evans, Phil Henderson, Jock Hopson, Nigel Kettle, Richard Munn, David Passmore, Stuart Sherriff, Clive Sinclaire, Billy Smart, Gary Williamson. Email: Design and production: FARM – Cover photo: Cutting Edge Archive Advertising: Contact us at our email address and request a rate card, or go to our website and download information directly from there. Deadlines Copy and imagery: Please submit copy and imagery at anytime by email. We CAN NOT accept copy by post. Imagery should ideally be sent as 300dpi jpegs or psd files and labelled appropriately. Image files larger than 10mbs should be sent as compressed files via or similar to: 5 Profile Mifune Toshiro 8 20 Jock Hopson Sensei Kurosawa’s go-to samurai. 50 years and counting! In depth 50 Yoshioka 52 Muso Shinden Ryu ...and then they were gone! A brief history. Face-to-face 8 Mifune on the set of Sanjuro 36 Nakayama Hakudo Sensei A reknowned swordsman of the 20th Century. Advertising: Please submit advertising as per the specifications outlined on the rate card by the end of the second week of every “even” month. The Cutting Edge is published bi-monthly on “odd” number months, therefore submission must be by the 30th day of even number months, i.e., February, April, June, August, October and December. The mind behind Copyright The magazine follows in ?????????????????)???????U??????%????????????? ?????)???????????????????????????????e?)????????????????????????????????????)??????????I??????????????????????????)?????????????????????%???????????????)?????????????????????????????????)??????????????????????????????????)%?????????????????????????????????)????????????????????????????????????)???????????????????????????????????)%????????????????? ????????????????)????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????????????????????)?????????????????????)Q???????????????????????????????????)??????????????????I???????????????)?????????????????????????)?????????((??-???????Q??????????)?????)???????M??()???????????????????????+ ?? ??????? ??????????????((??i????($()??????????????i??????)??e??????????????????()Q??????($()%?????((????????((??()9??????M????(($())??????????????()??????((???!???????(??Q???????(???M????($()???????9???????I??(($()=???? ??????(($()Q????????????????????((??) UQQ%9?()?((?((0