Cutting Edge Issue 2 - Page 2

W elcome to the second issue of Cutting Edge. Thank you to everybody who visited the website and downloaded the magazine, liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter and gave us great and encouraging feedback through email. We were overwhelmed by the reception the magazine received, and it just shows how large the budo community is. Within 5 days of launching, the website had received so many hits that it prompted a call from the hosting company. So it means that a lot of people, like me, are interested in the same things and previously no-where to get the info from. So fingers-crossed, the magazine can develop into something we all need and becomes the vehicle for linking like minded individuals around the world – English speaking or not. So, please keep the feedback coming, and interesting ideas and thoughts for articles that could appear within the magazine. Also, following the seminars of the Summer, there must be lots of pictures, so send them in for the Gallery This issue is looking at the typical samurai in the form of Toshiro Mifune, the go-to actor for Akira Kurosawa; Muso Shinden Ryu and Hakudo Nakayama Sensei; the Yoshioka School made famous by Musashi Miyamoto; a great profile looking back over 50 years; Gallery images from Richard Munn; and new book and film reviews, and a list of coming events, plus, a few more bits and pieces. FUROSHIKI AND TENUGUI All furoshki and tenugui are direct from Japan. Contact us for details and the current price list and availability CUTTING EDGE We still need your help. We want to make this the go-to publication for all your questions and curiosities. So therefore, we would like info on your teacher(s), their teacher(s), dojo stories and experiences, your thoughts on the arts, philosophy, concepts, the whys and wherefores, trivial or not so trivial; your feedback and questions, so they can be addressed in one place for the good of our community. For this publication to work, it needs to be current for the student of the arts, from the students of the arts. So, if you have something to say, please say it via email to: