Cutting Edge Issue 2 - Page 13

TOSHIRO MIFUNE ...There I was, a naive young man just turned twenty, the age when everyone went into the army, called up for active duty with one of those formal conscription notices inscribed on red paper. I left home and family reluctantly, not knowing if I would ever see my parents again and anxious at the thought of going off to kill people. Amid the stifling stench of leather, sweat, grease, and that pungent odor peculiar to men, I and the other bewildered young recruits were stirred up to blood lust. What a nightmare! Shuffled back and forth, first north then south, I lived that desperate soldier’s life for six years. These big rough laborer’s hands of mine are my unwanted souvenirs of that time. From Eiga Sutaa jijoden-shu (Autobiographies of Movie Stars) CUTTING EDGE | 11