Cutter & Buck SS18 - Page 72

Sustans® Dupont Sorona Fiber McChord Jacket McChord got its name from the United States Air Force base in northwest Pierce County, Washington. This jacket is a rebirth of the classic flight bomber jacket originally named MA-1. The MA-1 was initially designed for the Air Force in the Mid-1950. Made out of high quality nylon shell fabric and the easy to zip jacket gave the pilots the perfect protection against cold conditions up in the air. Our McChord jacket has kept all the original elements such as durable nylon fabric, warming insulation and classic metal zippers. Keeping all the standards McChord is taking the bomber jacket to another level with attractive trims, modern mélange inside lining and functional i ձѥQձѥ́ɽMх ݡ́Ёɕ݅́ɽЁQ4Mɽ (+ Mх ͥɕ危Mɽ($Ё(̤+ e-/ х+ ѕɅ䁙+ MɥʹA ʹ$$($Mٔʹ)IЁMх )AQ4Mɽ )) ̰5e)1ϊd)1ϊdM)5éM)aLaa0)La0(() )5éɽ)ɬ)1ϊdɽ)ɬ)5é) )1ϊd)EեЁ))Aɭ))Aɭ́եѕЁݥѠɸݥЁѡЁ́ѥ́屔ݥѠɕ̀)ѼєͥQձɽЁȁ́͹͔Ѓ ѕɅ䁙аٕ́ѡ)ݡ́͡ЁѡMɔ́ЁɽЁхՙ̃ e-,ٕͥȁх$)ЁͱٔQ履͠ЁЁɕᕐ́əЁѽȁٕȁեи Mٕȁхх$+ ե(+ ѕ+ MɥԁʹAʹ(̤) ̰5e)1ϊd)5éM)1ϊdM)La0)aLaa0(()ɬ)5éɽ() ѕȀ Ս$Mɥѥ) )1ϊeɽ)ɬ)5é) )1ϊd