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100% Cashwool® Merino Kennewick Crewneck Kennewick Crewneck is our light knitted sweater in a modern fit and with a thinner Features  neckline. The knit is made out of high quality merino wool yarn from prestigious Zegna » Contemporary fit Baruffa in Italy which is marketed as “Shiny as Silk, Soft as Cashmere”. Kennewick is the » Rounded neckline perfect business sweater to be worn all year around and that never goes out of style. » Cashwool® merino from Baruffa Italy To be worn casually together with our Bridgeport Chinos. » 220 gsm 899:- (10-pcs) SE 14-218 Swerea IVF Tested for harmful substances. Colors, Men’s and Ladies’ Men’s Sizes: Ladies’ Sizes: S-4XL XS-XXL 355406 355407 Grey melange 95 Dark navy 580 Dark navy 580 Grey melange 95 Black 99 100% Cashwool® Merino Kennewick Rollerneck Kennewick Rollerneck is our light knitted sweater in a modern fit and with a turtleneck. Features  The knit is made out وY]X[]HY\[X\H\Y[\YۘH\YH0۝[\ܘ\H]BBB[][HX\X\]Y\8'[H\[ٝ\\Y\x'K[]X\H\X0[YX[B\[\X]\]]\\]و[KHܛ\X[H]\]\0\0Y\[H\YH][HBY\ܝ[ˈ0 BNNB L \BH M LN\XHU\Y܈\Y[X[\˂˛Z]^ K[\ L ܜY[&\˜[YY\&BYY\&H^\΂Y[&\^\΂VMMM BMM ܙ^HY[[BMBL]\ XH[Y][ۈ NXŽNBXŽNBܙ^HY[[BM