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94% of you are happy with your gas servicing. 100% of your homes are fire and asbestos compliant and all your gas, oil and solid fuel heating systems were inspected for safety and had a valid certificate at the end of the year. 100% of your homes meet the Decent Homes standard. Find out more about the Government’s Decent Homes Standard here. 91% of you would recommend the repairs service to a friend. 3,200 We installed heating upgrades in your homes. And by using our in-house teams we achieved savings of £500 per home… money that we can invest back into your homes and the services we provide. 4.5 out of 5 of you rate your home as being affordable to live in. £26.2 million in planned improvements to your homes. 14,758 upgrades including: 8,686 planned work, e.g. new windows and doors 4,713 internal and external decorating jobs 1,359 aids and adaptations, e.g. wet rooms and ramps 65,454 repairs completed. We invested Customer Annual Review 2018