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Right home. Whether you live in one of our rented homes, or are one of our increasing number of home owners, living in a home that is right for you is crucial to help you achieve what you want in life. Regardless of where you live, you can expect your neighbourhood coach to be on-hand to help you manage your home. They help with anything from ensuring your move-in goes as smoothly as possible, to explaining how mutual exchange works and, if you decide to move on from your Bromford home, they’ll be there to work with you through the process. If you’re a shared owner, your coach can talk to you about how to go about buying more shares in your home and help you to understand your lease and service charges. Understanding what’s working for you when it comes to your home is key, and this year 98% of you say that you’re living in the right home for you. 216 of you bought shared ownership homes last year with a further 117 of you buying a greater share in your home. 161 of you exchanged properties this year and we’ve also seen an increase of 56% in transfers meaning that more of you are now living in the right homes for you. Customer Annual Review 2018