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Your tenancy. It’s really important to us that your home is working for you. That it’s somewhere you can afford and can be used as a place that acts as a strong foundation to allow you to achieve whatever you want in life. Working with you to help reduce debt, maintain clear rent accounts and minimise evictions helps to save money all round. These savings give us more money to provide the kind of homes and services your feedback tells us you want. Our neighbourhood coaches are working with you to understand what your hopes and dreams are, as well as helping you to identify and work through any challenges you may be facing. The relationships you’re building together are really helping us to get to know each and every one of you. Life throws all sorts of challenges at us and these can sometimes lead to tenancies ending in failure, with rent accounts left in arrears and homes left in a poor condition. But by building better relationships with you, more of you are remaining in your home with only 141 (0.4%) tenancies ending in failure last year. Being able to take the time to build trusting relationships with each other is making a huge difference to many of your lives. Isabel* has been a Bromford customer for years but we’ve not always had the best of relationships with each other. So when her neighbours complained about her anti-social behaviour (ASB) it didn’t go down too well when we went to see her. The roll-out of Universal Credit continues to accelerate and is a challenge for some of you. We have loads of information on our website to help you get to grips with what it means for you – and don’t forget that your neighbourhood coach is there to help too. Read how getting to know each other has changed our relationship and has allowed Isabel to look forward to the future… It’s important that we collect as much rent as possible as this money helps us to pay our bills, allows us to continue to provide services for you and to build more new homes. Last year we collected £131m, 856,000. 66% of tenancies ended with clear rent accounts as colleagues coached previous customers through the leaving process, helping people to move on with their lives positively and we’re working to improve this all the time. In the last year our employment coaches have helped 281 of you into work, including Anna. Anna became depressed and started drinking too much. Her child was taken into care and she even considered suicide. But now she’s back at work and happy again – watch her story to find out how her life has turned around with a little help from her employment coach… Customer Annual Review 2018