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“Being a part of CCN has opened my eyes to what is going on out there and made me realise just how open and honest Bromford is as a business. Bearing in mind the meetings take place with senior colleagues including board members and some of the executive team, it’s always really relaxed and everyone is so friendly. “Since getting involved in CCN and seeing how things are handled I’ve got to say that I’m really impressed. They’re not perfect by any means (who is?) but in my experience Bromford has an open and honest approach and try their best to resolve situations in the best way possible. They always take a person-centred approach, not just looking at the situation, and they look at every angle possible. “When I had a complaint, I really appreciated their approach of having one dedicated person who ‘owns’ the process. I was given their mobile number and they were always there to talk about what was happening. And when the process was coming to end, I was asked if I felt like it had been resolved, rather than them telling me that it had been. I thought that this was really good as often a company’s idea of what a resolved complaint looks like is very different to that of the aggrieved customer. Another nice touch was the hand- written note I received at the end of the process, it’s the small things that make all the difference to how you feel. “I’d definitely recommend getting involved to anyone who is interested. It’s a really good experience and I enjoy every meeting. We meet up four times a year and I get something out of every time we meet, it’s never a waste of time. All feedback, both negative and positive is greatly received and it’s so rewarding to know that your opinion really does matter.” If Angela’s experiences have sparked something in you and you’d like to get involved please take a look at our website to find out more. Customer Annual Review 2018