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Your commu We believe that focusing on what is strong within your communities, and looking for the positives in everybody, is the best way to help everyone achieve more in life. We recognise that to have strong, resilient and successful neighbourhoods, those who live within them need to take the lead and be in control of what’s going on. The relationships our neighbourhood coaches are building throughout your communities are acting as the spark that is igniting your ideas and helping to bring them to life. With neighbourhood coaches getting to know more of you we’ve seen an increase in YouCan applications - and many more community activities are now being generated by you. We’ve seen a few examples of how you’re doing things for yourselves and each other, these include: • The creation of a group in Tamworth by six parents of children living with autism, offering help and support to other parents and carers in the same situation. • An internet café set up in a local church that’s run by members and is accessible to the whole community. • A club set up by new parents for new parents who felt isolated after their children were born. Members of the club regularly meet up for a coffee and a chat and have also enjoyed day trips together during the school holidays. We aim to minimise the number of anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases going to court by talking to you and using non-legal remedies like mediation. This resulted in just 33 ASB cases going to court last year. To find out a little more about how our localities approach is going we grabbed head of locality Suzanne Shead for five minutes recently. Click here to read her thoughts. Customer Annual Review 2018