Customer Annual Review 2017 Customer Annual Review - Page 7

How have we done? i WHAT WE SAID HOW WE DID ACHIEVED We aim for at least 85% of you to say you would recommend us to a friend. 91% of you said you would recommend us to a friend – up from 87% last year We will minimise the number of failed tenancies. This year saw 148 tenancies end in negati ve circumstances. This fi gure includes supported housing which wasn’t included last ti me. Bearing that in mind, we're not doing too bad as the number of tenancies that ended negati vely last year was 151 not including supported housing. Of course we would prefer this to be a lot lower, but at least it was lower than last year. An explanati on of the lights: Green means we’re delivering. Amber means we’re very close to achieving the target - within 5% or 0.5. Red means we need to do more, as we’re a distance from achieving the target. 238 of you to exchanged properti es this year and this is something we’ll keep working with you on as a number of you will conti nue to be aff ected by the under occupancy charge. We know that moving home is not always easy for a number of reasons including the limited supply of new homes so we’re working hard to fi nd more imaginati ve ways to help you to exchange to a more suitable home for you. Recently, a six way housing exchange took place which freed three households from the under-occupancy charge All six families are now living in the right homes for them – great news for everyone concerned. 98% ? Did you know, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to swap your home with another Bromford customer or someone living in a property from a registered social landlord? You can fi nd out more about mutual exchange here of new customers say that they are living in the right home for them and their family – this is testament to the new affordability assessment we introduced into our lettings process to ensure people aren’t setting themselves up to fail through unaffordable tenancies. Our relationship with you is key to everything we do so last year we developed some new measures that were approved by our Customer and Communities Network (CCN). On most surveys we carry out we now ask you if: • You trust us to do what we say we will – 90% of you say you do • You think we’re bothered about you - 89% of you say you do • You think we’re interested in you and your circumstances – 89% of you say you do. This is the fi rst time we’ve asked these questions so we have nothing to compare these ratings to, but over the next year we’ll be working hard to improve on this.