Customer Annual Review 2017 Customer Annual Review - Page 23

The right home In this review, you’ve seen that over the last year we’ve invested more than ever into making sure your home works for you. We’ve found that the best results in achieving high levels of trust in home maintenance are when the work is done by our own engineering teams. Our focus over the next few years is to use contractors less and to bring more of our services in-house. In the coming year our in-house gas team are planning to carry out more than 2,000 gas heati ng system upgrades to your homes at an investment of £4million. The team has only been in operati on for two years and they have already saved us in the region of £700,000. The team are also there to make sure you really know how to get the best from your heati ng system, and they’ll also do some basic checks of typical routi ne repairs whilst in the home - things like sorti ng leaking overfl ows, dripping taps and highlighti ng any of your concerns. This is something we hope more of you will see happening in the coming months. We’ve identi fi ed 479 homes that fall below energy rati ng D and we plan to put this right with planned improvements to the heati ng, insulati on and windows due to take place over the next 12 months. Increasing the supply of the right kind of homes We plan to deliver more than 5,300 new homes over the next fi ve years with the majority (74%) of these being for aff ordable rent or shared ownership. This new plan sees us concentrati ng more of our eff orts on fi nding land to build homes on ourselves – so we’ll be genuinely adding to the number of homes being built in the areas where you need them most. Despite the conti nued uncertainty around the proposed Local Housing Allowance (LHA) cap that threatens to make supported housing untenable, we conti nue to push on with plans to build more specialist MyPlace schemes. MyPlace off ers a home for people with learning or physical disabiliti es, or those living with a mental health diagnosis, and we have acquired a further six sites to add to our growing portf olio of these much needed homes. 2point0 All of this work is happening alongside a major business transformati on programme that is due to last for around the next fi ve years. We recognise that some of our systems and processes get in the way of making things easy for you when you’re dealing with us. So we’ve taken the decision to take a step back and look at all the diff erent parts of our business and the challenges they face… and to try and put them all right. Things like making rent payments and reporti ng and tracking repairs online will become much easier and far more convenient for you. The changes should also help to minimise human error, replace some of the clunky processes that annoy colleagues and customers alike and, most importantly, allow us to spend more ti me with you, either on the phone or face-to-face. We’ll keep you up-to-date with any changes as we move through this process and, as always, we’ll be looking to hear your thoughts and ideas on the work we’re doing so please keep an eye out for how you can get involved. Finally, as always, we will conti nue to develop and improve services over the next year – but we can only do this with your help. It’s only through your involvement and feedback that we can understand what’s really important to you and what is and isn’t working. So I would urge you to get in touch and share your thoughts – take a look on page 20 for all the ways you can contact us. We’ll keep you in touch with how things are developing over the year through the news hub on our website and you can also track how we’re performing for you over the next 12 months on the feedback area of our website, which you can fi nd here I’d just like to say how much we value and appreciate all of your comments and feedback and look forward to hearing from more of you than ever in the coming year. All the best, CUSTOMER ANNUAL REVIEW 2017 23