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ce ence. What advice would you give to anyone considering getti ng involved in CCN? 1. Have confi dence in your experience. We all have our own frame of reference, and as long as you can look at a situati on and give your opinions on it, based on your experience, then you will do well. CCN is about getti ng as many opinions as possible together to enable us to look at things from all the angles. 2. Don’t put pressure on yourself to know it all. You’re not expected to. At fi rst I found it a litt le overwhelming – I felt like I had no idea what was going on. There can be lots of paperwork to read through, especially when you’re looking at complaints, but there was always someone there for me. And I’ll be there to help you! 3. Remember that we all have our strengths. I have dyslexia and found infographics with percentages really tough to get my head around but I’ve found that my experiences in dealing with people helps me to contribute in other ways. I have an affi nity with the neighbourhood coach role and fi nd that I off er a diff erent angle when we’re talking about case studies. Percentages might not be my thing but emoti onal intelligence is. Asking ‘how would you feel?’ and ‘what would you do?’ and looking at things more holisti cally (not just from a housing point of view) in situati ons where others might be looking at facts and fi gures brings real value to the discussions. I really enjoy being part of CCN, it’s great to know that my opinions really matt er to Bromford. My confi dence has grown so much over the last 12 months and I’d encourage everyone to get involved and have your say. If Denise has inspired you and you’d like to fi nd out more about getting involved, including how to become a CCN member please: Email: Call: 01902 396851 and leave a message Or take a look at our website CUSTOMER ANNUAL REVIEW 2017 17