Customer Annual Review 2017 Customer Annual Review - Page 15

Many of you will have had a call from one our feedback advisors over the last 12 months. Maybe they were asking about how a repair went, or whether your home is right for you. Whatever the reasons for the call, you will have spoken to either Richard or Dani so we thought it would be good to put faces to the names for you. Here Dani explains why your feedback is so important to us. Read about Richard’s experience since joining the feedback team and how he’s discovered how important listening to you is. If getting involved with helping to make decisions about how we do things is something that you’d like to fi nd out more about, CCN member Denise Amory-Reid shares her thoughts on page 16. How have we done? WHAT WE SAID HOW WE DID ACHIEVED We aim to increase the number of ti mes our website is visited year-on-year. More than 326,330 people visited our website last year – that’s an increase of nearly 24%. 80% of your enquiries will be resolved at the fi rst point of contact. 83% of enquiries were resolved at the fi rst point of contact. CUSTOMER ANNUAL REVIEW 2017