Customer Annual Review 2017 Customer Annual Review - Page 13

How have we done? WHAT WE SAID HOW WE DID ACHIEVED We want 80% of you to recommend your neighbourhood as a place to live. 90% of you said you would recommend your neighbourhood as a place to live, up from 87% last year. We aim to minimise the number of ASB cases that go to court by using non-legal remedies such as mediati on. 332 ASB cases were opened this year compared to 406 last year. Only 33 were taken to court, down from 74 last year. We want more of you to be able to do more for yourselves and each other. 4.2 out of 5 (up from 4.1) of you said that you feel that you can turn to your community for help. Have you got an idea for a community project but need a little help getting it off the ground? YouCan offer grants of up to £300 to help bring your ideas to life. YouCan has helped to fund family fun days, fi tness groups, community magazines and gardening projects – all of which have helped to bring communities closer together. Click here to take a look at some of the ideas that YouCan has helped to fund – hopefully you’ll be inspired to apply for one yourself! CUSTOMER ANNUAL REVIEW 2017 13