Customer Annual Review 2017 Customer Annual Review - Page 10

How we’ve performed for you Increasing the supply of new homes. The housing crisis has been all over the news lately but it’s certainly not a new thing – that’s why last year we said that increasing the supply of the right new homes was one of our main priorities. Over the last 12 months we completed more homes than we planned to – and with an ambiti ous development plan recently approved, you’ll see a signifi cant increase in the amount of new homes we’ll be delivering over the next fi ve years. We’ll tell you more about our plans to build more homes for rent and shared ownership in our ‘Looking forward’ secti on on page 22. Building more homes will obviously go a long way to solving the current housing shortage but we recognise that this isn’t just about houses – it’s about people. It’s no good us building thousands of new homes that nobody can aff ord to live in, or building them miles from local ameniti es. As you’ll see throughout this review, our focus is on building stronger relati onships through neighbourhood coaches getti ng to know each and every one of you. That’s why