Custer Chamber Relocation Guide 2018 2018 Custer Chamber Directory - Page 6

6 6 hen it comes to recreation, Custer County offers opportuni- ties for everyone, no matter what their interests, age or abilities. Cover- ing an area 125 miles long and 70 miles wide, Custer County boasts pine-clad cliffs, clear running streams and reservoirs, sheer granite peaks and rolling prairies. Outdoor enthusiasts will find 1,300 miles of blue-ribbon streams, more than 350 miles of trails, 11 reservoirs and two national sce- nic byways in the National Forest. Excep- tional outdoor recreation in the area includes fishing, hunting, boating, rock climbing, mountain biking, snowmobiling, horseback riding, hiking, wildlife viewing, photography and rock hunting. Central to the county is Custer State Park, the second-largest state park in the United States. The park encompasses 71,000 acres and accommodates the largest publicly- owned bison herd in the world which ranges freely throughout the park. Visitors to the park can enjoy scenic drives, fishing, swim- ming, hiking, camping and relaxing in the four mountain lodges. The sheer granite spires of the Needles are popular among rock climbers, while the gently winding Wildlife Loop Road and annual Buffalo Roundup pro- vide less strenuous recreation. The Black Hills National Forest is home W to 7,242-foot-high Black Elk Peak, the high- est point east of the Rocky Mountains. Wind Cave National Park also boasts free- ranging bison herds, nature trails and has the sixth-longest cave in the world. Hunting includes pheasant, gray partridge, dove, rabbit, squirrel, ruffed grouse, geese, mountain lion, Black Hills deer and elk firearm and archery, antelope firearm and archery, turkey, prairie dog, coyote and fox. Brown trout, bullhead, rainbow trout, perch, catfish, sauger, small and largemouth bass, brook trout and black crappie can be reeled in from the numerous creeks, lakes, ponds, rivers and dams in the county. Fish- ing areas include Battle Creek, Beaver Creek, Berner, Bismarck Lake, Center Lake, Cheyenne River, French Creek, Grace Coolidge Dams, Iron Creek, Biltmore (Lakota) Lake, Legion Lake, Stockade Beaver Creek, Stockade Lake and Sylvan Lake. The 114-mile-long Mickelson Trail, hon- ored as one of the “Best of the Midwest,” runs through Custer County with a spur into Custer State Park. There are more than 100 converted railroad bridges and four hard rock tunnels along the trail. Custer State Park and the Black Hills National Forest have a multi- tude of trails, ranging in difficulty from mod- erate to strenuous. A popular hike goes to the top of Black Elk Peak, from which one can see five states. A recent ǒ67G'V7FVBpG&vW2g&FR7W7FW"&V6&W"`6W&6RWF( &r&6( fW&p7W7FW"6Gf"vfrVFW67G2RֆRv`6W'6R&6226FVBW7BvW7B`7W7FW"F62vb6W'6RvVB0V"7FfG7W7FW"62V6Ч7v֖rFRW27W7FW"7FFP&&R6V"f"7v֖rFFP&FrB"rआ'6V&6&Fr2V"7W7FW 6VG&V6W6RbFR7&W2bЧFf&W7BB&VBB'&Vf7G0BFvW2V6W&vRf6F'2F'&rFV v'6W2'WBG&&FW2&R6f&PB&VR&VFvR7W7FW"7FFR&&6( "&FW2BW&FvRfvR@Ɩw7v'F'6W2खFRV7FW&'BbFR6VG&RFPf&'W&vFRfVG2vW&R&6VG06V&6f"FR&VBf&'W&vFW26WFFF( 27FFRvV7W7FW"6VGffW'0'VFBvFƖfRG2GW&&FB@66V2f7F2f"Fw&W'27W7FW"26W.( 2&F6R6vWFW B2W&6F6F7F7FfR6ǒFR&GV7BRbֶBV6Pb'B"FVRVVRFFR&62B2W7BvFrF&RF66fW&VBR`7W7FW.( 2VVR62