Currents Winter 2018; Vol. 34, No. 1 - Page 9

Time to Reset Currents, Winter 2018 New Beginning. Part 2. The New Year has just started and we have made ourselves promises we still intend to keep. Will we manage? I began writing this article on New Years Eve 2017. I have been returning to the topic ever since. Now that January, now February, is almost over, I start adapting it from the first day of the year…. to the first day of the week, to my birthday, to the first day of spring….. and many other first days of the new life we want to have. New Year, NEW Beginning New WEEK, New Beginning New Birthday, NEW Beginning NEW Season, New Beginning Get in touch with yourself: Find a cozy chair, close your eyes, let your thoughts go, breathe in and out, in and out, and pay attention to what is going on inside of you and how comfortable you are, in this moment, in this place, and in your body. Your body is your best friend and your best advisor. Make sure you are connected. Be one. Set real goals: When thinking about your objectives, be specific, make sure your goals are attainable and manageable, make sure you are the main executor of your plans and the main character of your story. Take a lead. Know how to reach your goal: If you cannot talk to a friend or a relative, imagine how three other people respected—or fictional characters admired—would have acted in a similar situation, take their advice. It was born in your head. Know how to establish your goal: Imagine your goal is already reached, how would you feel, who will be there, and who will not. Think and redefine your goal, find another way to feel what you want to feel. Start at the end. Be creative. In the meantime, make a plan. Oh yes. It may sound overwhelming, but without a plan, you are likely to turn away from your trail. Your plan is similar to steps on a yellow brick road to your per- sonal Wizard of Oz. Break it into even smaller steps, set up times to achieve it; F( BVvƲf V67FWvRrRvVBF6RR&V6VBBBvV6Rv6VRFRFffW&V6SpvVBBffV7BF6R&VBSBfǒ6VV'&FRV66'WB6vf6B6WfVVC&W6VBW'6Vbv72b7G&rЦ&W'&W2f6BFFVFW""vWBFvWFW"vFg&VCF6WFr7&Ɩ2B6WFrF@RƖR66WRb6Rv&G2FW'6VbF( B&RVFvR&V6RvBg&VBbW'6VbVFR&6W7>( GW"vF&WGFW"6Vbwwrv6'W&r&p