Currents Winter 2018; Vol. 34, No. 1 - Page 28

In Hamburg robbers in Los Angeles. This crack criminal gang is led by Merrimen (Schreiber) who with his crew Bosco (Jones), Donnie (Jackson Jr.), and Levi (50 Cent) are plan- ning the most daring heist yet: a takedown of the Los Angeles Federal Reserve Bank, a robbery which has been attempted, but never successfully. Both Nick and Merrimen are willing to do any- thing to win. Nothing is off limits or too dirty for either crew. At times it is not clear who are the ‘good guys’ and who are the ‘bad guys’. Both gangs play dirty and loose with their weapons and the lives of civilians, seemly unable or unwilling to distin- guish between their time in the military and the local streets of a Los Angeles. It is all-out combat. If you are a fan of the bank heist films this is for you. 140 minutes (Christine Riney) (another opinion) Criminal Squad (Den of Thieves) **** The elite unit of the LA Country Sheriff’s Department is involved in a plan to stop thieves from rob- bing the safest Federal Reserve Bank. Ray Merriman (Schreiber), Levi (Jackson) and Donnie (Jack- son Jr.) were successful bank robbers. This plan seems to be impossible due to the high secu- rity of the bank. is an elite crew of bank robbers. The huge 28 American Women’s Club of Hamburg amount of money in the safe is the motivation. Since this is their first time, it should be precise and perfect. Cop Nick Flanagan (But- ler) uses legal and illegal meth- ods and his elite unit starts a hard and aggressive action against this dangerous and risky adventure. This very interesting, noisy, scary thriller keeps your attention. Death, blood and action are al- ways present in this film. (Geysa Wiemann) at US disasters such as 911, the B.P. oil spill, Hurricane Sandy, and the Agent Orange disaster in Vietnam. This documentary is not only important because we learn about a man who has to play God, but also who gets the money and what rights they waive when they accept that money. Every US citizen should see this film. It will open your eyes on how things re- ally work in D.C. (Shelly Schoene- shoefer) Playing God ***** Germany 2017 Openings February 8, 2018 Wind River ***** USA 2017 Opening February 8, 2018 B\XYH\[\X•ܚ][ܙY]Έ\[\X\][[\[XܜΈ[\BY[H]\ۙ\%[B\HوH][ۘ[]\x%Hݙ\Y[XY\]\[][ۈ[›]X\X܈\[\Xš\XYH[[\ܝ[KBY[\H]]HۙBX[\H\YH\\[XZH]X\[ۋT˜]ܛ^H[Z[\\Y\BX]HYۈ\[\B[Y\\Y\[[\X[]\X[H] B[[Y\H\ۙ\˜]^HH\\ۜX[]Y\ق\^][YH؋H\ۙHوB[[[X[H\[Y[[\[ۈ ˋ‘\XYN^[܈\Y[Bܚ][ܙY]Έ^[܈\Y[[\[XܜΈ\[^H[\[^X][ܘZ[HܙY[K[^H\ؚ[K[XHۙ\•H]Hو[Z[TK\H[\\[X\[H][ [\\[X[\B\][ێ[]\\\\Œ L̋ LHZH K M ˎ pHق]\[[ ܞx&\ [\B؈]HKˈ\[[ BYH\Xx%Hݙ\Y[ۜ  Hو[Z[&\[8%\X[Y]ܜ[[[šYX\\H\\H]\x&\›][ܙ\[[XH [XHۙ\H]B[XۋܞH[Z\ۂ[[ۙ\HHH\\B][ۈ\]Hܘ[\[˂ܘ[H[ \\[Z] BܞHHXYY\][ۈXX\KHۜ[KBX]HX\]ܞH\݋B\[XY\[\\Z\8&\˜K]X]\ۙ][ۜܜ[[[YH\وH\[KX[\Y[ ܙY[JH[Bܛ\ܞHH Y\[\X]Bو[\Y][ۊHY[ H\B[]KY]\\Y]ۛH[H [H\ [HYH [&\[XB[\[[ H[\] \[ܞH[[H[BXX\YX[&\]\ [\Z[[JH[\YHXY[\HX\Y][š[ܞx&\\\\[K\\[x&\]HX[ۜZ[Z\\X